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‘Pumpkin Soup’ & ‘Room on the Broom’

‘Pumpkin Soup’ & ‘Room on the Broom’ – continuing with our learning projects on “Bringing Stories to Life”

We continued this Term with our “Bringing Stories to Life” project, in which children come up with various props to support story-telling, assume responsibilities and become immersed in stories that energise and fascinate them. This is what “active learning” is all about, and it is learning at its best.

Previous instances have included, for example:

We started bringing to life a range of autumnal stories like the “Pumpkin Soup” and learnt about sharing, taking turns and respecting each others’ choices. We experimented with pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, made pumpkin soup by chopping vegetables, using a range of spices, and then enjoyed all of this for our afternoon snack.

In drama class, children had the opportunity to create magic soup using a range of different movements and imagining they can transform themselves into dinosaurs, butterflies and unicorns.

During our dedicated  “Room on the Broom” week, we made story sacks and an interactive display to retell the story. The children experimented with creating their own rhymes based on the story.