Nursery School Fees

Our fees are highly competitive, reflecting the specific approach, our expertise, quality of staff and investment in the setting and our educational resources. It might be useful for prospective parents to know that:

  • Sessions (morning or afternoon) are for 4 full hours
  • Full days (8:30am to 4:30pm) are 8 hours long
  • We also have extended hours from 8:15am to 5:45pm
  • We operate for 39 weeks per academic year, which translates into 13 weeks per School Term, on average (some terms are shorter while some are longer)
  • We accept the funding entitlement for children who have had their third birthday (this is applied from the first full term after the third birthday)
  • There are no additional charges, and the fees include allĀ classes and workshops by specialist teachers as well asĀ field trips (field trips require no contribution for children who attend for at least 5 sessions per week)
  • Term fees are settled at the start of each term, according to our standard Terms and Conditions
  • We also offer “Pay As You Go” monthly payment plan according to number of sessions or days (at an increased cost per session or per day)

Please do get in touch with us for further information.