Alphablocks Nursery School

Our Mission

We empower children to become confident learners. Building on every child’s strengths, we deliver personalised learning schemes, recognising the importance of play, exploration and critical thinking. We value the individuality of every child and work to instill a lifelong love of learning, enabling our children to take on the challenges of primary school.


My son has been attending Alphablocks for nearly two years, it is an exceptional nursery school and I can not recommend it enough! They have carefully considered their learning approach and it really does underpin everything they do. The indoor and outdoor areas are well thought out and calm and welcoming for the children. The staff all know and care for each child individually and my son has always been happy here. Communication and support for parents is great, including during the lockdown when we felt fully supported by Alphablocks staff with our son’s home learning.

Katy Gell

Both of my girls attended – my eldest for two years. They both adored it and made lovely friends. The environment is safe, friendly and nurturing. The teaching is excellent and all the staff form lovely bonds with the children. My eldest left for school being able to read basic words and write. This nursery is great at encouraging independence and curiosity. They take the children on theatre trips and nature walks. I highly recommend it to many mums locally.

Jane Holl

My son started Alphablocks when he turned 2, and it has been a wonderful, calm and nurturing environment. He has really grown into an inquisitive and curious boy who loves to learn, explore and play. His confidence has grown and he has formed lovely friendships and adapted well. The staff have all been great with him when he has had ‘off’ days, and they were incredibly helpful and engaging during the lockdown period. My son leaves for school now and he will really miss his friends and teachers.

Debbie Schogger

My twin girls have been at Alphablocks nursery school for two years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn’t be happier with the time they have spent at Alphablocks, they have learnt so much and experienced so much. The sessions and activities they do with the children are great, they cover a wide range of subjects and topics (the twin’s favourites were cooking, P.E. and Spanish). The staff are amazing, they are so caring and knowledgeable and always have time for any concerns or to talk about the children’s progress. Alphablocks nursery has a lovely atmosphere, we will definitely miss them when the girls start school in September.

Eileen Griffiths

This nursery is absolutely wonderful! Both my children loved their time here and still talk about it now. The staff are fantastic – they work hard at putting on lovely activities and they really care for the children. The space is light, attractive and welcoming and my children were very quickly at home here. The provision is truly excellent – I couldn’t have asked for a better early educational experience for my sons. Our family recommend Alphablocks unreservedly.

Gareth Loh
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