Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Alphablocks Nursery School & Pre-Prep brings together experts in early years education, parents, as well as members of the local community. The explicit goal of the Board is to contribute to and ensure the continuous improvement of the overall learning experience of the children under our care. The Board meets every School Term to review progress and provide input for future improvements, learning projects and ideas.

Board Members:

  • Parent Representatives: Rotating basis every 2-3 School Terms, if you are a parent who is interested in participating please ask us for more details
  • Early Years Professionals: Lena Engel (former Head of Early Years at RBKC, Ofsted Inspector) & Damiana Cornacchia (former Head Teacher, Ofsted Inspector, Early Years Advisor), and academic members of the Institute of Education, University College London.
  • Local Community Representatives (from St. Paul’s Church and thw wider community)
  • Alexandra Samara (School Director, Early Years Specialist, former Ofsted Inspector)

We encourage you to get in touch if you are an academic in early years education and are interested in partnering with us – the Advisory Board would be the right forum to discuss innovative learning projects and other forms of partnership.