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A Hybrid Educational Approach in Early Years

There are a number of established educational approaches in the early years sector and, even though there are many differences between them, they all share the same simple goal: to help every child fulfil his or her potential.

The main differences between these approaches lie in the fact that they use different methodologies, all of which are recognised by Ofsted and form part of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. The Montessori approach, for instance, puts at its centre a child’s independence in learning and development, while the Reggio Emilia approach focuses on how the environment can act as a ‘third teacher’.

In this post we will navigate through the core approaches and explain, in simple terms, how we combine their best elements into a unique hybrid approach which is followed here at Alphablocks Nursery School & Pre-Prep, a boutique nursery in the heart of Hadley Wood village, serving the local communities of Barnet, Enfield and parts of Hertfordshire.

Reggio Emilia Nurseries

Nurseries who follow the Reggio Emilia approach place a strong emphasis on the role of the environment in early learning, and its potential as a ‘third teacher’. We adapt the following key elements from this approach:


Montessori Nurseries

A Montessori Nursery puts children and their interpretation of the world at its centre. From this approach we adapt the following elements:



Forest School Nurseries

A nursery which follows the Forest School approach has to hold high expectations about children’s skills and development. From this approach, we adapt:



High Scope Nurseries

Nurseries that follow the High Scope approach put emphasis on ensuring that children achieve their potential with the help of reflective teachers. From this approach we adapt: